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Why Is My Wife Happy Being A Business Opportunity Widow

Why is my wife happy being a business opportunity widow? Let me start from the beginning. For years I have been trying to give my family a better lifestyle, and in this search to no end I stumbled upon the business opportunity industry in the hope of fulfilling my dream. It started with offline methods over 15 years ago as I tried get-rich quick plans and programs like chain letters (that was the first one), blind offers, horse-betting systems, real estate programs, gifting clubs, and the king of all business opportunities-network marketing or mlm (my take: geometric progression and passive income has done a number on millions). My efforts became more sophisticated, or at least that’s what I thought, as the business opportunity industry combined with the Internet seduced me into thinking that more money was nothing more than a click of a button away (it still touts this). I bought all the latest systems that also assured me more money was around the corner; banner ads, adwords, adsense, co-registration, private-label rights, and so on and so on.

I can’t say thru any of the above mentioned that I even came close; and, for the most part I had given up on the idea that any plan I purchased would ever help. But, here is the irony; though my confidence in the industry was virtually non-existent and I doubted anyone would ever divulge the “one” miracle business opportunity method…I could not stop from buying them. I guess I was addicted to failing and why I refused to be level headed about this issue I’ll never know; although, if it’s any consolation, there are millions just like me-essentially, buying nothing for something (maybe that’s the explanation for my failure). In addition, each time I bought into a business opportunity (online or offline) I would become jittery and anxious; nervously wondering if the plan I bought would work. Naturally, my fidgeting didn’t make my wife too comfortable as she witnessed me trying to vainly implement the so-called “simple” instructions that would have us living high on the hog in a month or so.

Needless to say, domestic tranquility was in short supply at those times and my admonitions of “I’m doing this all for you,” did not pacify my wife in the least. Finally, through a fortuitous event I came across someone who could really help me with my goal. That is, avoid the business opportunities with no potential and pursue one that did.

My mentor assured me his information would help me tremendously and we set up meetings at my house. Armed with a newfound confidence and with expert guidance, I became a “different person” (that is my wife talking, mind you, not me). My wife told me that she witnessed me listening to anyone for the first time! She commented that she never saw me so focused, transfixed, and disciplined.

In the meantime, my mentor was right! He provided me with information that helped me avoid the bad and implement the very, very good. It did not take long for me to turn things around and if there was such thing as Business Opportunities Anonymous, I could lead a discussion group (I can see it now, “Hello, my name is Bobby, and I’m a business opportunity addict”). However, the story about why my wife being happy being a business opportunity widow goes far beyond the financial rewards that have accompanied my success. While she has no problem living with those proceeds, it is the more subtle changes that have occurred that has her smiling. As mentioned earlier, while I was being mentored, my level of discipline and focus took a quantum leap.

Obviously, I took my newfound discipline and focused it on a business opportunity that worked. However, I never dreamed it would have an impact in other ways. You see, in becoming a reformed business opportunist I also developed a very “attention to detail” oriented demeanor; and, it was just a matter of time before this quality started to manifest itself in other areas of my life in ways my wife would love. Before too long I was giving attention to balancing our checkbook, making sure the trash cans were set out the night before pickup, making sure my son’s homework was done.

Truthfully, I never realized I did not give too much effort in these areas until my wife mentioned the change in me. Makes sense, females tend to be very attention to detail oriented, and, apparently, I was now. Should I credit the business opportunity industry for this? Probably, but not in the way you think. My wife loves how emotionally grounded I have become. And, once again and in conclusion, this carry-over effect at home is “Why my wife is happy being a business opportunity widow!”.

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