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What Is Social Networking All About

Social networking is the new buzzword on the Internet. It is a new, exciting and simple way of connecting with friends and people, whether for friendship or even for commercial reasons. There are different websites that offer social networking, and these websites have their own bouquet of features. Some websites have the user create their account and create their complete profile.

They allow the user to upload their image galleries and even videos. Depending on the completion of the profile, they can then be searched by others, and a proper network can be created. A user's network is completely controlled by the user, and they can decide who they wish to add on their network and who not. Some social networking websites have a special feature where anyone can post a personal message to the user, which can be read by anyone, until the user decides to delete the message. Apart from these basic features, some social networking websites have advanced features.

For example, they allow the users to play small Flash games. These social networking websites also have other features which are popular amongst most social networking website users. Advantages of Social Networking Websites: Social networking websites are a very good option for people who do not have much time in their real time for socializing.

They also actually allow users to reconnect with any of their long lost friends. Social networking is by large a very harmless way to meet new people and connect with them. With the help of the profiles, you can know much more about a person than one would require for a first meet.

And who knows, once two people meet, anything can happen! Social networking websites are useful for professional reasons as well as personal reasons. Many professionals use social networking websites to forward their professional careers. Some professionals also meet people in their same professions and connect with them. This not only gives more information of the professional, it also creates a common knowledge base for the said profession.

Social networking websites can also be used for marketing of a particular product or a service. Almost all social networking websites are free to join, and the number of people on a social networking websites are just too much to be ignored by a marketing professional. Disadvantages of Social Networking Websites Social Networking Websites, to be very frank, have little or no disadvantages. The use and misuse of a social networking website is all depending on the user. However, there are some precautions to be taken when signing up for a social networking website, and this is where Social Networking Websites falter. For example, one of the first rules of online life is to give as minimum personal information as possible.

But at a Social Networking Website, the user would have to fill an entire profile to make the networking fundamental actually work for the user. Social networking websites are also known to be misused by advertisers. The free signup and the feature to connect and contact with anyone has made open a entire people to receive unwanted advertisements and other content. However, social networking websites depends on the user.

It is all up to the user, whether they can make their experience a good one or a bad one. Copyright (c) 2008 Colin Meunier.

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