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Wealth Magnet System Tips for Keeping Google Happy

Nowadays every Jack on the internet wants to be able to have a good Page Rank site. People are aiming for PR4 or higher. But what are the best ways to get an enviable PR for your site and/or blog. I will share with you some of the best ways to get and also maintain a good PR ranking.

If you follow these, you should be able to get very high PR by doing any or (better still) applying all these will give you an edge over your competitors. 1.- Optimize Your Site: What is better than being listed in the search engines? It is being listed under the keywords (or search terms) that you are targeting. If you carefully optimize every page of your site, using adequate keyword density and enough content to support it, you should be able to get a higher PR after every Google update. For detailed information on how to go about optimizing your pages, check out any of the numerous high quality SEO ebooks out there.

2.- Maintain Updated Content: If there is one thing that Google likes as much as its Adwords program, it is a site that has continually updated content. It will love you for this.

And so will other webmasters and site visitors. This will help Google and the other search engines rank you higher using their algorithms. This is because, you provide value and contribute to the information culture that is so typical of the Internet. Having updated and valuable content on your sites means you will appear in more search results, get more free traffic and have more links pointing to your content pages. This shows Google that you are serious about things and they will reward you handsomely by increasing your PR at every update.

3.- Get High PR Links: There are two ways of getting high PR links: you either swap links or buy them. If you have a decent website with very useful content, you may want to approach other webmasters in the same niche and offer to swap links with them. You can find a lot of people interested in swapping links in the forums online.

Alternatively, you can buy high PR links from sites like textlinkbrokers.com. You can get your hands on links of up to PR8 here. But they come at a price.

But if you get a good one, it is as good as gold. 4.- Write Articles: Writing articles affects your site in two positive ways: you get high PR links pointing to your site and targeted visitors.

When you write articles and submit them to article directories and also allow other webmasters to re-publish them on their sites and blogs, you will also be getting hundreds of quality PR links and targeted visitors coming your way. Google and the other search engines will take note of these one-way links and traffic flooding to your site. The consequence is that Google may give you a gentle tap on your back by raising your pages’ PR. And that’s when you will start to taste the benefits of cyberspace.

Gary Fritts has been teaching people how to make money on the web for over 10 years. He is currently the Senior Trainer at the Wealth Magnet System

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