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Marketing Experiment Submit To Dogpile

A lot of people are interested in search engine optimization and publicity these days. However, the web is changing - many people are still marketing in ways that are so 2004. So, while I was doing some research for a tutorial I'm about to produce I decided to find out how many searches there are for the keyword "submit web2.0". I go over to Wordtracker and decide to check out the daily search volume for the search term "submit". I was suprised to see that a lot of people are interested in submitting their site to Dogpile.

(2000 a day) What first came to my mind was "that's weird, is there some guy selling an ebook on the great value of dogpile links." The funny thing is that if you are already listed on Google, Yahoo or MSN, you will be automatically listed on Dogpile. Dogpile is a meta-search engine and provides results from Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK all in one place. Their Alexa ranking today is 2,935 (they're the 2,935th busiest site on the web). So i quickly saw that since Dogpile actually gets their listings from other sources, you cant submit to them.

My first thought was: "Wow, I've hit keyword gold - how long will it take me to rank for some of these search terms and start getting a boat-load of highly targeted visitors to my site?" (Since my website is sharing resources on web publicity, these search terms are higly targeted on my site. They wouldn't be relevant on a site about kite-surfing for example). So, how long did it take? I received my first visitor from Google 20 hours after I posted about it on my blog. The really amazing part is that the blog was only 12 days old.

Right now you may be thinking "How did he do that?"The short answer is that I 'engaged an online publicity campaign'. What's an "online publicity campaign?" This is part of the "New Web" environment. A couple years ago Search Engine Optimization was everything, today there are dozens of websites that can be "publicized" and bring you visitors. Some of these may be websites you interact with everyday, many of them you will have never heard of.

The "New Web" is here, what's your strategy? If you don't have one, I highly recommend reviewing your short and long-term business goals and integrating publicity marketing into your success blueprint.

Jason Storm is a Web Developer and runs a seo consulting business. On his blog One Way Link Building you can get the results of Submit To Dogpile Experiment .

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