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Increased Page Rank PR equals ranking and other other BS

In the SEO world there is an addiction. It’s the green blocks that appear on the google toolbar that is know as Page Rank or PR. Due to the recent update of this counting system, which is powered by Google, its time to review the real understanding of PR. Focus on this mis-information, which, doesn’t really help them get a top ranking Lets look at the base of information that is Google PR.

Much has been written and discussed. Google has used PR as a form of ranking system and, for a long time is was seen as an important factor of getting results . If you search for increase page rank you will find many articles, features and opinions. Enter 2007 and beyond, Google Page rank has created services who sell links, based on PR.

Some content sites with with good PR are selling focused keyword text links to those who want links, as a way of getting a higher ranking. Google has come out saying this is essentially attempting to “buy a ranking” to manipulate the search results. Also submission to search directorys is seen as a valid way of gaining backlinks .

Pricing can be based on the PR of the home page. Here is a statement you need to remember: “Google ranks pages not web sites” Remember when doing submissions to directory sites and more importantly paid listings, it’s the Page Rank of the PAGE that the link is on, that is important. Keeping in mind that it the internal page has a good ranking, it should send traffic to your site too. It is possible for internal pages to gain a higher page rank than the home page.

However keep in mind that if a site has page rank (of some amount) then it is seen as trusted source of information, both by visitors (if they are webmasters) and by Google So is there a way to increase PR and your ranking? Firstly don’t focus on PR- in can be fickle and misleading. It is subject to Google changing the rules, which they reduced serveral times – at least once a year. If you focus on creating reasons for Google search engine spider, to come back, that by itself will help with PR and ranking. The simplest thing you can do is change and update your pages. Keeping your pages fresh will be seen as new content and bring back the google spider.

The more this happens, the more likely your PR will increase. This is why blogs (in general) do well in natural search results because they provide regular changing information. This may seem blunt, but Page Rank is not the key to rankings. You are best focused on building a site that is 100% search engine friendly and focusing on getting links – you can’t go wrong.

Paul Easton is a self confessed online marketing nut from new Zealand, who helps from an "in the trenches, doing it" point of view. Get a Plan for free web Traffic here: SEO Training

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