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How To Sell Your House Quick

The key to selling your house quickly is having it priced fairly and making sure it is in tip top shape. Prospective buyers will be scrutinizing every aspect of your home, looking in closets and cupboards both inside and out. They want a sense of whether your house has been well cared for and they will be looking for signs that repairs will need to be made or that you might be hiding some sort of problem.

Making sure your house is in tip top shape with no signs of neglect or wear will remove this barrier to purchase that many buyers have. If you give them no excuses not to like the house then you will sell it that much faster! When preparing your house for a quick sale, you need to think lie a buyer and inspect every inch of the house. Check each door to make sure it works smoothly and is not loose. Check all your faucets to make sure they work properly and water pressure is good. Repair them if they leak or look worn and clean around them if "gunk" has piled up over the years.

Clean out all your cupboards and closets! Put any clothes or dishes you do not need right now in storage. You'd have to pack this stuff up when you move anyway so at least this step will be done. Think about giving everything a fresh coat of paint - this can do wonders to improve the appearance of your home. If you have dark or brightly colored walls, paint them a neutral tone.

It will lighten the look and have a broader appeal to prospective buyers. Don't get into any huge renovations when you are about to sell your house. Many times buyers are looking to put their own stamp on a home.

A quick renovation may actually devalue your home in your prospects eyes unless you happen to pick exactly what they would have done. Instead, just make some minor changes to freshen up the appearance of the home. Freshening up your home does not require expensive materials either, but shoddy workmanship will cost you so keep the jobs simple. Take a good look at what you have on the walls and knick knacks around the house. If it looks too cluttered pack some of the stuff away.

You might also consider removing items that might be offensive or inappropriate (check the posters in your teenager's room). Try to put away excessive amounts of books, personal items and photos as this will give the house a cleaner look. Removing family photos is a good idea. Remember, this is only temporary, but you want as many prospects as possible to envision themselves living in the home.

That means they need to see the home and not become too distracted by unusual or cluttered décor. It's a good idea to hire a home inspector to give you an idea of any defects you might have. This will alert you to any problems so you can have them fixed or at least be able to note them to potential buyers. Plus once you do find a buyer, you will know that there won't be any surprises one they have the house inspected. If there are problems such as roofing, electrical, foundation or other expensive projects, determine the cost of the repair compared to the value of your home without it being done. Will the problem put buyers off? You can fix it yourself or adjust your asking price to reflect the work that needs to be done, whichever you think will get you the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

Don't forget about the outside of your house either. Make sure the lawn and gardens are well cared for. If you have lots of bare spots, invest in some inexpensive flowers and plant them - it will do wonders for your curb appeal.

Make sure the landscaping is neatly trimmed and the walkway is in good repair. Also, make sure all outside (and inside) lighting works in case buyers come to see the house at night. A little bit of elbow grease and minor expense can put your house in fine shape and help you get more money in your pocket in less time!.

Lee Dobbins writes for Moving and More where you can learn more about selling your house.

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