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Advertising is King to the Success of Your Online Business

Advertising is the most important aspect of owning a home based business. You can have the classiest looking website on the internet and the best product on the plant but if no one knows about it you're not likely to be making a profit anytime soon. So what is the king of advertising? TRAFFIC. You need lots of eye balls looking at your site and I mean lots of them.

Not everyone window shopping your site will buy, but the odds go up when you have tons of people walking by that a percentage of them are interested in what you're selling. How to Generate Traffic Know your target market The first thing any savvy internet marketers need to understand is his/her market. Are you selling to a younger or older group of people? This is important when you choose your method of marketing.

The younger crowd is fascinated with gadgets. The older crowd.not so much. They might prefer email over podcasting. The delivery method is important in attracting their attention. Social media sites like MySpace and Facebook are a great place today to capture events or your x-boyfriends love life.

There is serious marketing adverting going on in these arenas. So don't overlook these platforms. Keyword Generation Once you understand your target market you need to develop a set of keywords to use that will draw those customers to your site.

Utilization of those unique keywords in your website, online ads, blog posts and article publishing is the magic that combines you and the right customer. You can never have too many or too few keywords. The key here is balance.

If you have too few you risk not reaching your target market. If you have too many you risk being considered a spammer by the search engine web crawlers. If you write like you talk you will naturally meet that balance. The Ad When placing the ad you should give some real thought to your audience and location.

A flashing banner ad might be great on blog site but not well received on your MySpace or Facebook profile page. When using text ads like classifieds, emails and Adwords your headline and keyword usages is important. Your headline should be attention grabbing and should use one or more of your keywords or keyword phrases. The body should give them just enough information to entice them to want to know more by clicking on your link. I have found it beneficial to give your customers multiply ways of contacting you.

Providing your name, a website url, email address, and phone number gives them options and legitimacy to you and your product. Know Your Budget Your advertising budget is a part of your overall business plan. It does not matter if your budget is zero or $2,000 per month, you can advertise and get your name out there.

This is important to drive traffic to your site and important to your business. Ideally you will have some funds allotted to advertising. You will need some budget to move your business forward. You might want to use your advertising money on placing ads and banners while using your time to post to your blogs, write articles and build your relationships on the social networking sites. The key here is to spend your money wisely. Do your research on the sites you want to place ads and direct them to the proper target group.

This little bit of effort will pay huge dividends in the end. Advertising is like a puzzle; it can be difficult or it can be easy. By following these few tips you have all the pieces to the puzzle. With the proper time and effort given to each aspect you now have the knowledge to create campaigns that drive traffic to your website.

Bob and Cindy are both home based business entrepreneurs with 15 years experience in owning Real Estate and Network Marketing businesses. You can own your own business today that provides residual income for your future. To learn more about how you can secure your financial future... Go to: http://www.ThingsLookGreatIn2008.com For advice and strategies on building success with your online business visit our blog at http://www.OnlineBusinessMillions.com

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